At Maryhill we rely on bringing in advertising revenue to see us through the season. In the most recent close season, our struggles almost led to our closure after 144 years as a semi-professional club. Thankfully the business community has rallied round and we have been shown a lot of goodwill.

However we are trying to lay solid foundations at the club and still require further sponsorship. You can do this in a number of ways:

Pitchside Advertising:

We have pitchside advertising available at a cost of £200 per 3 metre x 1 metre advertising banner. This is positioned on the perimeter wall to give maximum exposure. All we need from you is artwork and some details and we do the rest.

Programme Advertising:

We also have programme advertising available. The cost of this is £80 per page, £40 per half page and £20 per quarter page. Like the advertising banners, this cost is for a season.

Executive Lounge Hire:

We also have an executive lounge which is available to hire on a game-by-game basis. The lounge offers an unrivalled view of the pitch and it is also licensed. Rates are available on demand.

For more information on any of our sponsorship opportunities, please email jeff.holmes4@btinternet.com or contact us through the website

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